Gift Idea? Champagne Beer Pong

Gift idea? Champagne Beer Pong

Champagne Beer Pong

With this elegant champagne beer pong set, you can keep things lively, elegant, and highly intoxicating. Use the set, which comes with 12 glasses and 4 ping pong tables, with champagne, prosecco, wine, or even gin and vodka if you prefer the stronger stuff.

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Gift idea? Friggin Fantastic 2 x 3 Rubber-Backed Rug - Perfect for Unifying Your Living Space

Friggin Fantastic 2 X 3 Rubber-backed Rug - Perfect For Unifying Your Living Space

Foul-mouthed folks in search of the ideal way to unify their living space need a "friggin' fantastic" rug in their life! This loud and stylish rug that serves as both a declaration and a chat starter measures 2' wide by 3' long and comes with a rubber backing to keep it firmly in place.

Gift idea? Staycation Home: Prefabricated Modular House with Up to 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms on Amazon

Staycation Home: Prefabricated Modular House With Up To 3 Bedrooms And 2 Bathrooms On Amazon

You can get just about anything on Amazon these days - even a house! This top-of-the-line prefabricated modular house comes with up to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus a spacious living room with an open kitchen and dining area. It's the ideal spot for a staycation!

Gift idea? T-Handle Driver Tool Kit - Keep Your Mountain Bike Running Like a Champ

T-handle Driver Tool Kit - Keep Your Mountain Bike Running Like A Champ

Keep your mountain bike running like a champ with this handy-dandy tool kit! Its Fix It Sticks come together to form a T-handle driver with bits of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex, T-25, and P2. The steel alloy handles also attach to the tire levers and chain breaker tool, and the whole kit comes with a lightweight carrying case for easy portability.

Gift idea? Snuggle Up to Mommy: Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket - Keeps You Toasty & Dry, Even in a Downpour

Snuggle Up To Mommy: Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket - Keeps You Toasty & Dry, Even In A Downpour

Feel as content as a baby sheep snuggling up to its mommy while swaddled in this sherpa waterproof camping blanket. It'll keep you toasty and dry, even if it starts raining cats and dogs or you lay it on a soggy lawn.

Gift idea? Tiny Boombox: Listen to Your Favorite Jams with Old-Fashioned Style

Tiny Boombox: Listen To Your Favorite Jams With Old-fashioned Style

Listen to your favorite jams with some old-fashioned style by blasting them out of the world's tiniest boombox! It connects wirelessly, comes with a rechargeable battery, and even a mini swivel handle so you can tote it around with ease.

Gift idea? M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat - Flame-Resistant Steel & Air Deflector for Lung Safety

M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat - Flame-resistant Steel & Air Deflector For Lung Safety

Make sure your lungs stay safe while you work with the M-307 respiratory hard hat. Not only will it keep your head safe, but it's also made of flame-resistant steel and even has an air deflector built in to make sure the air inside the helmet stays in the right direction!

Gift idea? Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Carry this expert tech toolkit to repair any electronic device that comes your way. Precision tweezers and a 64 bit driver set are just a few of the high-end equipment included in the kit, which is neatly arranged into a small tool roll.

Gift idea? Convertible Bean Bag to Bed

Convertible Bean Bag To Bed

The definition of comfort is this mattress that converts into a bean bag chair. Each bean bag, which was featured on Shark Tank, has a removable and washable cover that conceals a comfortable foam mattress that comes in full, queen, and even king sizes.

Gift idea? Power Drill Attachment - The Ultimate Fork Drill Bit Mixer for Twirling Noodles, Shredding Meat, Beating Eggs, and Mixing Peanut Butter

Power Drill Attachment - The Ultimate Fork Drill Bit Mixer For Twirling Noodles, Shredding Meat, Beating Eggs, And Mixing Peanut Butter

Let's get serious about our pasta eating and twirl those noodles like a champ with this fork drill bit mixer! Just attach it to your power drill and you'll be ready to go. Not only can you twirl noodles, but you can also shred meat, beat eggs, and even mix up some delicious peanut butter!

Gift idea? Pocket-Sized Power: Ultra-Dinky Ratchet Driver with 72-Tooth Mechanism for Tight Spaces

Pocket-sized Power: Ultra-dinky Ratchet Driver With 72-tooth Mechanism For Tight Spaces

This ultra-dinky ratchet driver is here to help you twist screws, nuts, and bolts in those hard to reach places. It's so small, you can keep it in your pocket and it can drive your standard 1/4″ bits. It's low-profile, 72-tooth mechanism can turn with as little as 5º of motion- which is like a tiny dance! The set includes #1 and #2 Phillips, 3/16″ and 1/4″ flat blades, and a 1/4″ socket driver bit- so you'll be ready for any screw-related shenanigans!