New Perfect Gift Ideas

Gift idea? Extreme Fart Launcher

Extreme Fart Launcher

If you arrive at your nephew's birthday party carrying the Fart Launcher 3000, you'll definitely win uncle or aunt of the year! The gun's ability to produce unpleasant odors to go along with the farts and make them as realistic as possible is its best feature.

Price: $24

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Gift idea? Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Carry this expert tech toolkit to repair any electronic device that comes your way. Precision tweezers and a 64 bit driver set are just a few of the high-end equipment included in the kit, which is neatly arranged into a small tool roll.

Price: $75

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Gift idea? Men's Watersports Walking-Shoes

Men's Watersports Walking-shoes

Vivobarefoot's amphibious shoes were created for exploration. These absurdly light sneakers for men include a 6.7-ounce weight and a durable, rubber-based hex grip outsole, as well as a ventilated upper for equal ventilation.

Price: $73

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Gift idea? Tent Camping Organizer

Tent Camping Organizer

With the outdoor tent and RV organizer at your side, maintaining a clean tent won't be an issue at all. The interior of this tiny tent features a number of tiny compartments that are ideal for storing all of your camping, road trip, or tailgating stuff.

Price: $60

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Gift idea? Pac-Man video game blanket

Pac-man Video Game Blanket

During your upcoming gaming session, be warm and cozy with this Pac-Man blanket. The Pac-Man blanket is an officially licensed, extra-large fleece that features Mr. Pac-Man and his vibrant ghost adversaries. It's a great present for retro gamers.

Price: $34

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Gift idea? Luxury Bath Mat in stone

Luxury Bath Mat In Stone

Stepping into this opulent stone bathmat will let you leave cotton bathmats in the past and usher you into a new era. This 23.6" x 15.4" diatomaceous earth and recycled paper product has a stylish contemporary design, dries practically rapidly, and is non-slip.

Price: $90

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Gift idea? Magnetic car door mitt

Magnetic Car Door Mitt

The use of these magnetic vehicle door mittens will put an end to frozen locks. Simply lay them over the door handles of your car before a significant snowfall or blizzard, and you're good to go. You won't need to de-ice your door locks to enter your car anymore.

Price: $10

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Gift idea? Stackable Produce Containers

Stackable Produce Containers

Using a set of stackable produce containers from Lille Home will help you save money by prolonging the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables. They have removable drain trays to maintain fruits and vegetables in the best condition, are dishwasher safe, and are BPA-free.

Price: $23

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Gift idea? Victorian Mansion DIY Playhouse

Victorian Mansion Diy Playhouse

By building this DIY Victorian mansion palace playhouse, you can easily turn your backyard into a lovely play area for your little girl. It has a gorgeous facade, adult and child entrances, a tiny loft with a ladder for convenient access, and all of these features.

Price: $9,836

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Gift idea? 90's retro candy gift box

90's Retro Candy Gift Box

By munching on this retro candy from the 1990s, you can take your taste senses back to the carefree days of your childhood. This assortment box is filled to the brim with merchandise with a 1990s theme. Push Pops, Skittles, and Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape!

Price: $44

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