Affiliate marketing

Afiiliate marketing at its best

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a company that has a wide variety of ads and commercials that you can put on your website, blog, newsletter, and anything else where you can display your commercials online to your readers.

When you are set up as a user, you typically get access to over 100 campaigns (see the overview above), which range widely from big brands such as Nike and Dell, and then down to small Danish webshops. There is therefore a wide selection regardless of the industry you are in.

When you find interesting programs, you must apply for them, because you will not just get access to all brands. You must be approved first so that the affiliate network looks at your channels to ensure relevance. However, this should not be a problem as it is in everyone's interest to find a good match.

When you are then approved for a specific campaign, you typically get access to a direct URL and a number of ready-made advertisements in different dimensions. It gives you more opportunities to place advertisements on your website, or just link directly in your text, or via graphics that you create yourself.

You earn money every time one of your visitors clicks on the link, buys an item through it, or for every thousand times the ad is viewed. It depends entirely on the conditions of the individual affiliate program. This is something you read about when you initially apply for the program.

In that phase, it is a good idea to think about the earning potential. It all depends on the number of visitors, your goal and what action you want your visitors to take. In short, it is up to you to decide what is the most profitable to bet on.

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