Perfect Gift Ideas: Cars

Gift idea? King-Sized Comfort: Transform Your Vehicle into a Rolling Bedroom with this Inflatable Air Mattress

King-sized Comfort: Transform Your Vehicle Into A Rolling Bedroom With This Inflatable Air Mattress

Transform your vehicle into a rolling bedroom fit for a king with this inflatable air mattress! It features an ultra-thin design that folds at the sides to better fit inside the car – making this a must-have for any adventurous road trip – or just for living in a van down by the river.

Gift idea? Remote Controlled Middle Finger & Hand Wave Car Signal - Outfit Your Ride in a Jiffy

Remote Controlled Middle Finger & Hand Wave Car Signal - Outfit Your Ride In A Jiffy

Give drivers a piece of your thoughts at the drop of a hat by outfitting your ride with this middle finger and hand wave car signal. The lights are totally allowed by the law and can be put together in a jiffy and come with a helpful remote for extra comfort.

Gift idea? Milwaukee Tools Rechargeable LED Light - 10 LEDs, 3 Brightness Levels, 210º Pivot, Carabiner Clip & Magnetic Base

Milwaukee Tools Rechargeable Led Light - 10 Leds, 3 Brightness Levels, 210º Pivot, Carabiner Clip & Magnetic Base

Milwaukee Tools' nifty, rechargeable light is powered by ten LEDS, giving you a gleaming and luminous light for your projects. It offers three different levels of brightness: 100, 250, and 550 lumens, and you can pivot it 210º to get that light shining just where you need it. It's got a carabiner clip for carrying and a magnetic base to stick it to car hoods and other metallic surfaces.

Gift idea? Magnetic car door mitt

Magnetic Car Door Mitt

The use of these magnetic vehicle door mittens will put an end to frozen locks. Simply lay them over the door handles of your car before a significant snowfall or blizzard, and you're good to go. You won't need to de-ice your door locks to enter your car anymore.

Gift idea? Spinning bumber car

Spinning Bumber Car

This 360-degree rotating bumper car is the perfect method to entice kids to put down their devices and play outside. This incredibly entertaining bumper car is totally rechargeable and has a straightforward joystick control for effortless spinning. Tons of fun if you have 2.

Gift idea? Cult Classics: A Celebration of the Campiest, Kitschiest, and Wackiest Films of All Time by Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Cult Classics: A Celebration Of The Campiest, Kitschiest, And Wackiest Films Of All Time By Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Millie De Chirico and Quatoyiah Murry have written a book that celebrates the campiest, most kitschy, and downright wackiest cult films of all time! From Ganja and Hess, to Polyester, and even Xanadu, this book has it all! Get ready for some wild reviews, crazy behind-the-scenes stories, and photos that will make you look twice. Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on Mac and Me - a movie that's sure to go down in history as one of the most bizarre cult films ever!

Gift idea? Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals: Make the Most of Your Ridiculously and Frighteningly Brief Stint on This Planet

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management For Mortals: Make The Most Of Your Ridiculously And Frighteningly Brief Stint On This Planet

Make the most of your "ridiculously and frighteningly" brief stint on this planet by reading Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. This illuminating read will teach you how to alter your ideas about time so that you get the best out of your time on earth.

Gift idea? Carnivore Club Gift Box: Over 2 Pounds of Succulent Cuts for Carnivorous Cravings

Carnivore Club Gift Box: Over 2 Pounds Of Succulent Cuts For Carnivorous Cravings

Make the carnivorous cravings of your beloved come alive with this Carnivore Club gift box. This premium package is overflowing with over two pounds of succulent cuts like country cured bacon, ham, Mangalista ham, and country ham slices – drool!

Gift idea? Heimplanet Mavericks Tent: Experience the Wildest Weathers in Comfort and Safety

Heimplanet Mavericks Tent: Experience The Wildest Weathers In Comfort And Safety

Experience the wildest of weathers in the comfort of the Heimplanet Mavericks inflatable tent! This 10-person tent is equipped with 5-doors and 5-closeable windows, plus a geodesic design so strong it can withstand winds up to 111 mph! So don't worry about the weather, just sit back and relax in the Heimplanet Mavericks tent!

Gift idea? Power Drill Attachment - The Ultimate Fork Drill Bit Mixer for Twirling Noodles, Shredding Meat, Beating Eggs, and Mixing Peanut Butter

Power Drill Attachment - The Ultimate Fork Drill Bit Mixer For Twirling Noodles, Shredding Meat, Beating Eggs, And Mixing Peanut Butter

Let's get serious about our pasta eating and twirl those noodles like a champ with this fork drill bit mixer! Just attach it to your power drill and you'll be ready to go. Not only can you twirl noodles, but you can also shred meat, beat eggs, and even mix up some delicious peanut butter!

If you don't like cars or aren't a true gearhead yourself, gift ideas for car enthusiasts might be challenging.

Do not fret! After extensive testing and research, we selected 35 of the hippest and most practical gifts for car enthusiasts that are sure to please fans of all ages. To keep our car gift idea selection current, we naturally regularly evaluate new ideas.

The things that we stand behind include everything from car tools that will elevate their car and driving experience to fun clothes and everyday accessories that will allow them to proudly display their support for iconic car brands like BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Corvette or the car he has himself.