Gift Idea? Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky: An Adventure Of Wild Flavor And Fiery Heat

Gift idea? Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky: An Adventure of Wild Flavor and Fiery Heat

Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky: An Adventure Of Wild Flavor And Fiery Heat

Carnivores who are looking for a wild night out with a fiery twist need to rip open a bag of Carolina Reaper beef jerky. This snack is made with one of the world's spiciest peppers, so one nibble is sure to send your tastebuds on an adventure that'll have you coming back for more!

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Joseph Joseph Lockblock: Fort Knox For Your Kitchen Knives - 6-slot Knife Block With Japanese Stainless Steel Blades

Joseph Joseph LockBlock - A knife block that'll make sure your kids don't get their hands on your knives! This 6-slot block is like Fort Knox for your kitchen knives! Made from Japanese stainless steel, these knives are as sharp as a bear's claws!

Gift idea? Cult Classics: A Celebration of the Campiest, Kitschiest, and Wackiest Films of All Time by Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Cult Classics: A Celebration Of The Campiest, Kitschiest, And Wackiest Films Of All Time By Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Millie De Chirico and Quatoyiah Murry have written a book that celebrates the campiest, most kitschy, and downright wackiest cult films of all time! From Ganja and Hess, to Polyester, and even Xanadu, this book has it all! Get ready for some wild reviews, crazy behind-the-scenes stories, and photos that will make you look twice. Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on Mac and Me - a movie that's sure to go down in history as one of the most bizarre cult films ever!

Gift idea? Nicolas Cage Bunny Pillow: Make the One True God Your Snuggle Buddy

Nicolas Cage Bunny Pillow: Make The One True God Your Snuggle Buddy

Make the one true god your snuggle buddy by cozying up with your very own Nicolas Cage bunny pillow. It’ll bring a smile to your face while giving your guests something to talk about when they spot the wild and crazy Cage-rabbit!

Gift idea? The Ultimate Gummy Challenge: Take on the Worlds Biggest 3-Pound, 26-Inch Gummy Worm with 4,000 Calories

The Ultimate Gummy Challenge: Take On The Worlds Biggest 3-pound, 26-inch Gummy Worm With 4,000 Calories

Go on an epic sugar high by taking on the world's biggest gummy worm! This enormous snack that's around 128 times bigger than a normal gummy worm, is a whopping 26 inches long, weighs 3 pounds, and contains an outrageous 4,000 calories.

Gift idea? 100% Maintenance-Free Venus Flytrap Terrarium with B52 Mericlone - Bring Life to Your Desk

100% Maintenance-free Venus Flytrap Terrarium With B52 Mericlone - Bring Life To Your Desk

Gawk in amazement at one of the world's most incredible plants as you bring a bit of life to your desk with this homemade Venus flytrap terrarium! It's 100% maintenance-free and features the B52 mericlone, which is renowned for its huge traps and gigantic size.

Gift idea? The 30-Second Dance Party Button - Get the Party Started with Just One Push

The 30-second Dance Party Button - Get The Party Started With Just One Push

One push of this dance party button and you'll be ready to get the party started! With just a single press, you'll be surrounded by music that'll have you and your friends shaking your booties for thirty-second intervals of pure fun.

Gift idea? Burn or Bliss Chocolates: Deliciously Decadent Milk Chocolate and Spicy-Infused Devilish Bombs for Diabolically Delightful Snack Time

Burn Or Bliss Chocolates: Deliciously Decadent Milk Chocolate And Spicy-infused Devilish Bombs For Diabolically Delightful Snack Time

Make snack time diabolically delightful with a pack of Burn or Bliss chocolates. Seven of the twelve pieces are made from decadent milk chocolate while the other five are "spicy-infused devilish bombs" that will cause chaos on the way in and out.

Gift idea? Make Their Birthday Unforgettable with a Glitter Bomb Card

Make Their Birthday Unforgettable With A Glitter Bomb Card

Make a loved one's special day one they'll never forget with a glitter bomb birthday card! Upon opening this seemingly ordinary card, they'll be blasted with a shower of sparkles that'll have 'em lookin' like a disco ball!

Gift idea? M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat - Flame-Resistant Steel & Air Deflector for Lung Safety

M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat - Flame-resistant Steel & Air Deflector For Lung Safety

Make sure your lungs stay safe while you work with the M-307 respiratory hard hat. Not only will it keep your head safe, but it's also made of flame-resistant steel and even has an air deflector built in to make sure the air inside the helmet stays in the right direction!

Gift idea? The Ultimate Feats of Strength Festivus Board Game - Gather, Play, and Win

The Ultimate Feats Of Strength Festivus Board Game - Gather, Play, And Win

Gather up your Festivus pole and make sure the tempers in your house stay cool by playing a round of the Festivus board game. Put your grievances on the table and be the first one to go around the board - you'll be crowned the Ultimate Feats of Strength champion!