Gift Idea? Tindår: The Ultimate Campfire Convenience - An Aluminum Sleeve & Paraffin-infused Rope For A Super-long Matchstick

Gift idea? Tindår: The Ultimate Campfire Convenience - An Aluminum Sleeve & Paraffin-Infused Rope for a Super-Long Matchstick

Tindår: The Ultimate Campfire Convenience - An Aluminum Sleeve & Paraffin-infused Rope For A Super-long Matchstick

This nifty little camping gizmo is a must-have for any backpacker! The Tindår is a revolutionary combo of an aluminum sleeve and a paraffin-infused rope that's like a super-long matchstick. Light up your campfire and keep it burning for an entire hour with this ingenious invention! And when you're done, you can use the sleeve as a mini-bellows with the wick removed. Now that's what I call fire-starting convenience!

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Gift idea? The Ultimate Gummy Challenge: Take on the Worlds Biggest 3-Pound, 26-Inch Gummy Worm with 4,000 Calories

The Ultimate Gummy Challenge: Take On The Worlds Biggest 3-pound, 26-inch Gummy Worm With 4,000 Calories

Go on an epic sugar high by taking on the world's biggest gummy worm! This enormous snack that's around 128 times bigger than a normal gummy worm, is a whopping 26 inches long, weighs 3 pounds, and contains an outrageous 4,000 calories.

Gift idea? Gear Spools Mini-Superhero Multi-Tool - Stainless Steel Prying, Peeling, Screwing, Opening Cans & Log-Splitting Tool - 3 Inches Long

Gear Spools Mini-superhero Multi-tool - Stainless Steel Prying, Peeling, Screwing, Opening Cans & Log-splitting Tool - 3 Inches Long

This super-shiny stainless steel tool from Gear Spool is like a mini-superhero that can do it all! It's got a tapered end that's perfect for prying, peeling, screwing, opening cans, and slicing through packing tape like a hot knife through butter. It's even got mad log-splitting skills - just give it a whack with a hammer and it's ready to go! It's only 3 inches long, so it'll fit right on your keychain, making it the perfect sidekick for any adventure.

Gift idea? MS18 100,000-Lumen Flashlight: Banish Gloom and Illuminate for 50,000 Hours

Ms18 100,000-lumen Flashlight: Banish Gloom And Illuminate For 50,000 Hours

Banish the gloominess with the MS18 100,000-lumen flashlight! This super-handy flashlight has eight different brightness settings, with a maximum output of 100,000-lumens. Plus, it has a long-lasting lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you can use it for a long time!

Gift idea? Cult Classics: A Celebration of the Campiest, Kitschiest, and Wackiest Films of All Time by Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Cult Classics: A Celebration Of The Campiest, Kitschiest, And Wackiest Films Of All Time By Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Millie De Chirico and Quatoyiah Murry have written a book that celebrates the campiest, most kitschy, and downright wackiest cult films of all time! From Ganja and Hess, to Polyester, and even Xanadu, this book has it all! Get ready for some wild reviews, crazy behind-the-scenes stories, and photos that will make you look twice. Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on Mac and Me - a movie that's sure to go down in history as one of the most bizarre cult films ever!

Gift idea? 1.25 lb Fractional Weight Plates: Take Your Lifting to the Next Level Safely

1.25 Lb Fractional Weight Plates: Take Your Lifting To The Next Level Safely

Take your lifting to the next level without the danger of hurting yourself with these ridiculous fractional weight plates. Each of these mini weights weigh only 1.25 lbs, so you can add a bit of weight at a time and never worry about going overboard.

Gift idea? Friggin Fantastic 2 x 3 Rubber-Backed Rug - Perfect for Unifying Your Living Space

Friggin Fantastic 2 X 3 Rubber-backed Rug - Perfect For Unifying Your Living Space

Foul-mouthed folks in search of the ideal way to unify their living space need a "friggin' fantastic" rug in their life! This loud and stylish rug that serves as both a declaration and a chat starter measures 2' wide by 3' long and comes with a rubber backing to keep it firmly in place.

Gift idea? Solar Fire Starter: Light a Flame Instantly with the Power of the Sun

Solar Fire Starter: Light A Flame Instantly With The Power Of The Sun

This ultra-convenient and possibly life-saving device will make lighting a flame a piece of cake! All you have to do is hold it up to the sun and voila! You'll have a fire blazing in no time. Who needs matches when you've got this solar fire starter in your pocket?

Gift idea? Camping Rocket Stove: Take Your Camp Cooking to the Next Level

Camping Rocket Stove: Take Your Camp Cooking To The Next Level

Take your camp cooking to the next level with the camping Rocket Stove! In just a few minutes, this heavy-duty gadget transforms from a plain ol' box to a fully operational wood-burning stove top that you can place almost anywhere. Get your chef hat on and show off your campfire cooking skills!

Gift idea? Retreev Mini Magnetic Grappling Hook: The Ultimate Tool for Kite, Drone, Frisbee, and Boat Retrieval

Retreev Mini Magnetic Grappling Hook: The Ultimate Tool For Kite, Drone, Frisbee, And Boat Retrieval

This Retreev is the perfect tool for shaking kites or drones out of trees, yanking frisbees off rooftops, snagging fallen metal objects, and even anchoring a tiny boat! So get ready to have some fun with this mini magnetic grappling hook retrieval tool!

Gift idea? NEBO 500-Lumen COB Pocket Light With 200-Lumen Spotlight - Red & Grey - 3 AA Batteries

Nebo 500-lumen Cob Pocket Light With 200-lumen Spotlight - Red & Grey - 3 Aa Batteries

This nifty NEBO aluminum work light is like having a 500-lumen COB light source in your pocket! Plus, it has a 200-lumen spotlight for when you need to shine a light in a particular direction. It's perfect for mounting on walls with its pocket clip and nail hole, but it's also got a magnetic base if you want to stick it to metal surfaces. Plus, it's available in two cool colors - red and grey - and it runs on just three AA batteries. Now that's what I call a bright idea!