Gift Idea? Nebo 500-lumen Cob Pocket Light With 200-lumen Spotlight - Red & Grey - 3 Aa Batteries

Gift idea? NEBO 500-Lumen COB Pocket Light With 200-Lumen Spotlight - Red & Grey - 3 AA Batteries

Nebo 500-lumen Cob Pocket Light With 200-lumen Spotlight - Red & Grey - 3 Aa Batteries

This nifty NEBO aluminum work light is like having a 500-lumen COB light source in your pocket! Plus, it has a 200-lumen spotlight for when you need to shine a light in a particular direction. It's perfect for mounting on walls with its pocket clip and nail hole, but it's also got a magnetic base if you want to stick it to metal surfaces. Plus, it's available in two cool colors - red and grey - and it runs on just three AA batteries. Now that's what I call a bright idea!

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Gift idea? Milwaukee Tools Rechargeable LED Light - 10 LEDs, 3 Brightness Levels, 210º Pivot, Carabiner Clip & Magnetic Base

Milwaukee Tools Rechargeable Led Light - 10 Leds, 3 Brightness Levels, 210º Pivot, Carabiner Clip & Magnetic Base

Milwaukee Tools' nifty, rechargeable light is powered by ten LEDS, giving you a gleaming and luminous light for your projects. It offers three different levels of brightness: 100, 250, and 550 lumens, and you can pivot it 210º to get that light shining just where you need it. It's got a carabiner clip for carrying and a magnetic base to stick it to car hoods and other metallic surfaces.

Gift idea? Two-in-One Coffee Table with Storage, Shelf, and Drawers - Perfect for the Coffee Lover

Two-in-one Coffee Table With Storage, Shelf, And Drawers - Perfect For The Coffee Lover

This amazing coffee table is like having two tables in one! The bigger section is perfect for your laptop, while the smaller one is ideal for sipping your morning cup of joe. Plus, it has storage, a shelf, and two drawers to help keep your life tidy. Choose from light grey, espresso, black, or brown - the perfect color for any coffee lover!

Gift idea? Klarus 750 Lumen 4-Blade Folding Light - Perfect for Camping, Parties, and Outdoor Fun

Klarus 750 Lumen 4-blade Folding Light - Perfect For Camping, Parties, And Outdoor Fun

This flashy light from Klarus is the perfect addition to your camping, dinner parties, tailgating, and other outdoor shindigs! It features four folding light blades that produce a whopping 750 lumens, so you'll be sure to have enough light for any occasion. Hang it up, put it on the table, or hold it in your hand - the choice is yours! It even has multiple color temperatures, a SOS signal, and a red flashing light mode - just in case you want to get really wild.

Gift idea? Jokari Air-Removing Bag Clip: Keep Your Chips Fresh Until the Last Bite

Jokari Air-removing Bag Clip: Keep Your Chips Fresh Until The Last Bite

Keep your favorite chips from going bad on you before you've had your fill by using a Jokari air-removing bag clip. Just seal the bag and use your hands to squeeze out the air that's trying to ruin the party.

Gift idea? Tear Stick: Real Tears on Demand with Menthol-Infused Wax Applicator

Tear Stick: Real Tears On Demand With Menthol-infused Wax Applicator

Forget the onions, just rub this menthol-infused wax applicator below your eyes and you'll be bawling like a baby in a flash! Now you can have real tears on demand with Tear Stick!

Gift idea? Orange Luminary: 275-, 200-, and 15-Lumen Modes, IP67 Waterproof, Dual-Direction Pocket Clip Flashlight

Orange Luminary: 275-, 200-, And 15-lumen Modes, Ip67 Waterproof, Dual-direction Pocket Clip Flashlight

This pocket flashlight was dressed to impress with its flashy aluminum shell, anodized in a stunning shade of orange! It is a real luminary with its 275-, 200-, and 15-lumen modes, as well as an emergency strobe. It's not afraid of a little water, with its IP67 waterproof rating, and it can even be perched on the brim of a hat with its dual-direction pocket clip.

Gift idea? 1200 Lumen Super Bright Light Bar with 7800mAh Battery Pack & Maximum Mounting Options

1200 Lumen Super Bright Light Bar With 7800mah Battery Pack & Maximum Mounting Options

This awesome light bar is perfect for peeking under your car hood, near breaker panels, or other metal surfaces. It's got two strong magnets and sneaky swivel hooks for maximum mounting options, and its 7800mAh battery pack can also give your gadgets a boost. It's super bright with up to 1200 lumens and has four adjustable color temperatures to choose from.

Gift idea? Steep in Style with the Fabulous Tea Stick Infuser from Kikkerland - Enjoy Your Favorite Loose Leaf Tea Like a Superstar

Steep In Style With The Fabulous Tea Stick Infuser From Kikkerland - Enjoy Your Favorite Loose Leaf Tea Like A Superstar

If you love the bold taste of loose leaf tea, then get ready to steep it in style with the fabulous Tea Stick Infuser from Kikkerland! Now you can easily enjoy your favorite tea in a way that's sure to make you look like a tea-sipping superstar.

Gift idea? Shart Wipes: Keep Your Unwanted Surprises Under Control

Shart Wipes: Keep Your Unwanted Surprises Under Control

The next time you let one rip and you end up with a little more than you bargained for, don't panic! Just grab a pack of shart wipes and you'll be back to normal in no time. They even come in a handy, pocket-sized package, perfect for when you're out and about - so you can be sure that you'll never need to worry about any unexpected surprises!

Gift idea? Cult Classics: A Celebration of the Campiest, Kitschiest, and Wackiest Films of All Time by Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Cult Classics: A Celebration Of The Campiest, Kitschiest, And Wackiest Films Of All Time By Millie De Chirico & Quatoyiah Murry

Millie De Chirico and Quatoyiah Murry have written a book that celebrates the campiest, most kitschy, and downright wackiest cult films of all time! From Ganja and Hess, to Polyester, and even Xanadu, this book has it all! Get ready for some wild reviews, crazy behind-the-scenes stories, and photos that will make you look twice. Plus, you'll get the inside scoop on Mac and Me - a movie that's sure to go down in history as one of the most bizarre cult films ever!