Gift Idea? Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Gift idea? Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Pro Tech Electronics Toolkit

Carry this expert tech toolkit to repair any electronic device that comes your way. Precision tweezers and a 64 bit driver set are just a few of the high-end equipment included in the kit, which is neatly arranged into a small tool roll.

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Gift idea? T-Handle Driver Tool Kit - Keep Your Mountain Bike Running Like a Champ

T-handle Driver Tool Kit - Keep Your Mountain Bike Running Like A Champ

Keep your mountain bike running like a champ with this handy-dandy tool kit! Its Fix It Sticks come together to form a T-handle driver with bits of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm hex, T-25, and P2. The steel alloy handles also attach to the tire levers and chain breaker tool, and the whole kit comes with a lightweight carrying case for easy portability.

Gift idea? Oodles of Fun - Blackhead Plucking Plaything with Tweezers

Oodles Of Fun - Blackhead Plucking Plaything With Tweezers

Put your worries to rest in a peculiar yet amusing way with a blackhead plucking plaything. This little guy is filled with oodles and oodles of small blackheads that you can pluck out to your heart's delight using the included tweezers. Get ready for a night of fun!

Gift idea? Pocket-Sized Power: Ultra-Dinky Ratchet Driver with 72-Tooth Mechanism for Tight Spaces

Pocket-sized Power: Ultra-dinky Ratchet Driver With 72-tooth Mechanism For Tight Spaces

This ultra-dinky ratchet driver is here to help you twist screws, nuts, and bolts in those hard to reach places. It's so small, you can keep it in your pocket and it can drive your standard 1/4″ bits. It's low-profile, 72-tooth mechanism can turn with as little as 5º of motion- which is like a tiny dance! The set includes #1 and #2 Phillips, 3/16″ and 1/4″ flat blades, and a 1/4″ socket driver bit- so you'll be ready for any screw-related shenanigans!

Gift idea? Magnetic 1/4 Bit Holder Tool with Pop-Out Handle and Knurled Grip - for 711L Ratcheting Wrench (Sold Separately)

Magnetic 1/4 Bit Holder Tool With Pop-out Handle And Knurled Grip - For 711l Ratcheting Wrench (sold Separately)

This peculiar little tool has a secret handle that pops out to give it extra oomph. It's got a magnetic 1/4" bit holder, a knurled body with a good grip, and comes in both aluminum and stainless steel. It also doubles as a handle for the 711L ratcheting wrench (which you need to buy separately).

Gift idea? Staycation Home: Prefabricated Modular House with Up to 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms on Amazon

Staycation Home: Prefabricated Modular House With Up To 3 Bedrooms And 2 Bathrooms On Amazon

You can get just about anything on Amazon these days - even a house! This top-of-the-line prefabricated modular house comes with up to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus a spacious living room with an open kitchen and dining area. It's the ideal spot for a staycation!

Gift idea? Organize Your Trunk the Cinchy Way with this Collapsible Nylon Organizer - Tough-as-Nails Reinforced Baseplates and 3 Large Compartments with Pockets

Organize Your Trunk The Cinchy Way With This Collapsible Nylon Organizer - Tough-as-nails Reinforced Baseplates And 3 Large Compartments With Pockets

Keep your trunk from looking like a total pigsty the cinchy way with this collapsible trunk organizer. It’s made from tough-as-nails nylon reinforced with beefy baseplates and comes with three large storage compartments plus a bunch of pockets along the sides.

Gift idea? Gear Spools Mini-Superhero Multi-Tool - Stainless Steel Prying, Peeling, Screwing, Opening Cans & Log-Splitting Tool - 3 Inches Long

Gear Spools Mini-superhero Multi-tool - Stainless Steel Prying, Peeling, Screwing, Opening Cans & Log-splitting Tool - 3 Inches Long

This super-shiny stainless steel tool from Gear Spool is like a mini-superhero that can do it all! It's got a tapered end that's perfect for prying, peeling, screwing, opening cans, and slicing through packing tape like a hot knife through butter. It's even got mad log-splitting skills - just give it a whack with a hammer and it's ready to go! It's only 3 inches long, so it'll fit right on your keychain, making it the perfect sidekick for any adventure.

Gift idea? Dewalt Pivot Bit Holder - 20º Adjustable Head & 12-Piece Bit Set for Tight Spaces

Dewalt Pivot Bit Holder - 20º Adjustable Head & 12-piece Bit Set For Tight Spaces

Ever needed to tighten or loosen a screw in a spot where your drill just won’t fit? Dewalt’s pivot bit holder is here to save the day! With its adjustable pivot head that can angle up to 20º or lock into a straight mode, you'll be able to access those tight spaces with ease. Plus, this set includes a 12-pack of #2 Phillips and #2 square-drive bits, so you'll be ready to go in no time!

Gift idea? 1000D Nylon Tactical Pouch for Molle Webbing - Store Knives, Pens, and Everyday Items - 8.67 x 7.48 x 0.99 - Military Colors Available

1000d Nylon Tactical Pouch For Molle Webbing - Store Knives, Pens, And Everyday Items - 8.67 X 7.48 X 0.99 - Military Colors Available

This wily tactical pouch is designed to store small tools, knives, pens, and other everyday items in a neat and tidy package. It’s made from 1000D Nylon and is compatible with Molle webbing, so you can look like a real soldier! Measures 8.67″ x 7.48″ x 0.99″, and comes in a variety of military colors to choose from.

Gift idea? 8-in-1 Black Stainless Steel Pocket Tool with Tanto Knife & Multitool: The Ultimate Pocket Accessory

8-in-1 Black Stainless Steel Pocket Tool With Tanto Knife & Multitool: The Ultimate Pocket Accessory

This nifty little pocket tool is the perfect combination of eight amazing functions! It's made from sleek black stainless steel and features two awesome blades: a tanto knife and a multitool with a pry bar, screwdriver, nail puller, box cutter, can opener, and a serrated scraper edge. Plus, it comes with a clip for your keys or for attaching to your belt loop - it's the ultimate pocket accessory!