Gift Idea? Dog Ball Launcher

Gift idea? Dog Ball Launcher

Dog Ball Launcher

Dogs can be entertained for hours with the help of this mechanical ball thrower, which stimulates both their physical and mental selves. The Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is a fantastic method to provide your dog with both the exercise they require and a ton of fun.

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Gift idea? Friggin Fantastic 2 x 3 Rubber-Backed Rug - Perfect for Unifying Your Living Space

Friggin Fantastic 2 X 3 Rubber-backed Rug - Perfect For Unifying Your Living Space

Foul-mouthed folks in search of the ideal way to unify their living space need a "friggin' fantastic" rug in their life! This loud and stylish rug that serves as both a declaration and a chat starter measures 2' wide by 3' long and comes with a rubber backing to keep it firmly in place.

Gift idea? Fireball launcher

Fireball Launcher

At your next performance, boost the ante by stunning audience members with this fireball launcher. You'll be able to conjure a stunning ball of fire that will make you appear to be a fire-wielding sorcerer with the help of this covert device that is fastened to your wrest.

Gift idea? Shadow fighter

Shadow Fighter

With This Shadow Fighter game, kids can practice their agility and speed while having a ton of fun and excitement. They'll compete against a mystery, expert Shadow Ninja who will train them and help them become more agile and quick-witted.

Gift idea? Interactive Toy for Dogs

Interactive Toy For Dogs

A pet toy that parodies prominent beverage brands for every meal, fun food and beverages. A soft, fluffy, and squeaky toy for dogs who enjoy noisy toys, crinkle paper and a squeaker. This is the perfect toy for real brand lovers.

Gift idea? Artistic Wall-Mountable Turntable: A Classic Guitar Design for Eye-Popping, Head-Spinning Fun

Artistic Wall-mountable Turntable: A Classic Guitar Design For Eye-popping, Head-spinning Fun

This eye-popping, head-spinning turntable looks like a classic acoustic guitar that can be hung up on the wall like a work of art!

Gift idea? Kung Fu Fun: Grady Hendrix and Chris Poggialis Ultimate Celebration of 1970s Martial Arts Movies

Kung Fu Fun: Grady Hendrix And Chris Poggialis Ultimate Celebration Of 1970s Martial Arts Movies

Mondo Books and authors Grady Hendrix and Chris Poggiali have created a one-of-a-kind, 432-page tome that celebrates the kung fu movies of the 1970s. This book is a must-have for any fan of martial arts, as it chronicles the history of these classics with hundreds of movie posters, ads, and archival images. So grab your nunchucks and get ready for some serious kung fu fun!

Gift idea? The Gym-Goers Best Friend: Back Shit Sacks - No Poo Left Behind

The Gym-goers Best Friend: Back Shit Sacks - No Poo Left Behind

Gym Back Shit Sacks are for the dedicated who won't let anything get in the way of their exercise routine - not even a little poo! This is the perfect accessory for the gym-goer in your life - it's been missing from their gym bag all this time!

Gift idea? The Byrna SD: Non-Lethal Pepper Gun - 320 Feet Per Second of Spicy Surprise

The Byrna Sd: Non-lethal Pepper Gun - 320 Feet Per Second Of Spicy Surprise

The Byrna SD non-lethal pepper gun is a real show stopper! It'll send an attacker running like they just saw a ghost, without causing them any real damage. You don't need a permit or a background check to get your hands on this powerful pepper-spray projectile launcher, which can fire shots up to 320 feet per second! Talk about a spicy surprise!

Gift idea? Jumbo-Sized Rubber Ducky Sculptural Side Table - Keeps Your Items Safe and Secure

Jumbo-sized Rubber Ducky Sculptural Side Table - Keeps Your Items Safe And Secure

This enormous, jumbo-sized version of a classic rubber ducky toy is not just for fun, but can also hold your things! No need to worry about it taking a dive, it's a sculptural side table that will stay put and keep your items safe.

Gift idea? Snuggle Up to Mommy: Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket - Keeps You Toasty & Dry, Even in a Downpour

Snuggle Up To Mommy: Sherpa Waterproof Camping Blanket - Keeps You Toasty & Dry, Even In A Downpour

Feel as content as a baby sheep snuggling up to its mommy while swaddled in this sherpa waterproof camping blanket. It'll keep you toasty and dry, even if it starts raining cats and dogs or you lay it on a soggy lawn.